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EconSight – Measuring technological progress

The Swiss EconSight GmbH has its roots in management consulting and economic research. It was founded with the aim of making technological progress measurable in order to develop a better understanding of the impact and significance of one of the most important trends of our time.

It is based on detailed and quantified analyses of the most important cutting-edge technologies across the entire spectrum from artificial intelligence, cloud computing and blockchain, to new forms of connected mobility, industry 4.0, renewable energies, and functional food, genetic engineering and personalized medicine.

The analysis of the technological competitive environment of individual companies is at the centre of our consulting activities. EconSight supports companies with technology-based strategy and competition analyses, as well as investors with a sound basis for decision-making in M&A activities and ESG sustainability analyses. Furthermore, EconSight develops studies for politics, associations and foundations on global and regional technology trends in order to make technological progress more “tangible” and to rethink the economy in this sense.

EconSight is an independent and neutral consulting company of the new generation. Competent, fast and well networked with other research institutes, management consultancies, the university landscape and the leading communication agencies in Switzerland and Germany.

EconSight – Trends | Analyses | Insights | Consulting | Communication

EconSight provides technology-based analyses for companies, associations, foundations, politics and international organisations.

  • We accompany companies in their strategy and competition analysis.

  • We support investors with M&A analyses and ESG analyses

  • We supply media with well-founded technological background information

  • We advise policymakers with insightful and implementation-oriented studies and analyses

  • We support foundations with innovative insights and new perspectives

  • We support associations with well-founded arguments and technological trends

EconSight works quickly, accurately and scientifically along the entire value chain from analysis to evaluation, consulting, implementation and communication.

EconSight GmbH


EconSight GmbH
Thiersteinerrain 126
4059 Basel, Schweiz

Tel: +41 61 811 1010

EconSight Team

Kai Gramke
Kai GramkeManaging Director and Founder
20 years expertise in economic- and policy consulting
Dr. Jochen Spuck
Dr. Jochen SpuckManaging Director and CTO
Comprehensive technological expertise
Dr. Gernot A. Overbeck
Dr. Gernot A. OverbeckManaging Director
Partner Strategy Consulting