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Die Forschungsverflechtung der Schweiz mit europäischen Regionen

Die Forschungsverflechtung der Schweiz mit europäischen Regionen - interaktive Präsentation Klicken Sie mit den Pfeilen durch die Präsentation. Alle Visualisierungen sind interaktiv, d.h. Sie können jederzeit mit ctrl/cmd und Mausklick die Perspektive wechseln und mit einem Doppelklick zoomen. Quelle: EconSight, Datengrundlage OECD, PatentSight Die zentralen Ergebnisse der Kurzanalyse Die Schweiz unterhält Forschungskooperationen mit 840 europäischen Regionen. Insgesamt kooperiert die Schweiz in 12’700 Patenten mit dem europäischen Ausland. (mindestens ein Erfinder aus der Schweiz und mindestens ein Erfinder aus einer europäischen Region). Die Kooperationsintensität hat [...]

September 18th, 2020|

Technology Trends in Swiss Medtech

EconSight Technology Trends for Swiss Medtech EconSight technology analysis for Swiss Medtech sector study Sector Study 2020 «The Swiss Medical Technology Industry» For the sector study of the Swiss medical technology industry, EconSight conducted an analysis of 51 technologies to identify the most important current trends. Grouped along the main processes of the value chain (product innovation, manufacturing processes, diagnostics, and therapy), the above picture is presented. Overall, medical technology in Switzerland is highly innovative with the highest number of patent applications per inhabitant worldwide. The study was officially presented in Berne on [...]

September 10th, 2020|

Jochen Spuck on the benefits of artificial intelligence for our work

How we use artificial intelligence for our work An interview of Averbis GmbH with our Chief Technology Officer Dr. Jochen Spuck on the occasion of our new study for the Bertelsmann Foundation. Jochen Spuck explains the significance of Averbis software for our analysis approach and talks about the future influence of artificial intelligence on patent analyses. External Link to the Interview

August 5th, 2020|

EconSight – Europe’s competitiveness in cutting-edge technologies

The innovation power of East Asia, North America, and Europe The new EconSight study for the Bertelsmann Foundation has been published «World class patents in cutting-edge technologies - the innovation power of East Asia, North America, and Europe» The international balance of power in innovation is shifting – to the advantage von East Asia. This is the central finding of a new study by the Bertelsmann Stiftung on the development of national and regional portfolios of patents [...]

June 3rd, 2020|

Artificial Intelligence and Healthcare at the BioData World Congress in Basel

AI and Healthcare at the BioData World Congress in Basel Artificial Intelligence in Basel and in Switzerland Panel discussion at the BioData World Congress What are the implications of a globally accelerating AI innovation for Basel and Switzerland? That was the key question at the BioData World Congress Basel. Together with the other panelists Bram Stieltjes (University Hospital Basel), Hans-Peter Frank (Global Head eHealth Ventures, Vifor Pharma) and Ralf Dümpelmann (, Kai Gramke from EconSight discussed the opportunities and risks for Basel as a health location. The excerpt from the presentation [...]

December 6th, 2019|
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